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Water Escape Rotterdam

CODE RED! CODE RED! A deadly tropical virus has been detected on the other side of the Maas. The virus has most likely been transported on a cruise ship. The area around the cruise ship has been cordoned off and placed under quarantine. If the virus is not contained, the effects could be deadly for Rotterdam!

The Story

A number of people have been spotted with the following symptoms; bloodshot eyes, swelling, pain and shaking fever. This means that there are a number of people outside the quarantine area who may have been exposed to the virus. Indications are that the virus is slowly spreading and it will not take long for the virus to cross the Maas, via the Erasmus bridge, to the center of Rotterdam. There is a glimmer of hope however, a leading professor predicted that through overpopulation and climate change these kinds of epidemics could reach our country. What type of epidemic it would be the professor could not predict but he prepared for 3 types of outbreaks and developed a concentrated cocktail of medicines to fight these epidemics. These medicines are locked safely away in a suitcase with a combination lock.

The Escape

Unfortunately, the professor is stuck in the quarantine area and has contracted the virus. He does however now know what virus it is, the chkungunya virus. He has also managed to smuggle out the suitcase containing the medicines via a contact, the suitcase is now with one of our instructors. The professor is not a trusting person and has hidden the code for the suitcase somewhere in the centrum of Rotterdam. Complete all the assignments and find the formula to crack the code! The formula in combination with the clues you have found in the Maas will provide the code to open the suitcase! Will you be successful in stopping the epidemic or will you succumb to the deadly virus? The future of Rotterdam and maybe the rest of the country is in your hands!! As in all emergencies, ensure your own safety before you tend to others.

The Water taxi

To find the formula you and your team have to take to the water. Be on time because the water taxi to the SS Rotterdam will not wait. Keep a sharp lookout for clues, the water taxi is very fast and before you know it you have missed a vital clue.

Will your team be the first to save Rotterdam? Good luck!!


  • Welcome at one of our catering locations in Rotterdam incl welcome drink
  • Event briefing from one of our instructors
  • Code Red Escape event
  • Water Taxi assignment
  • Prize giving
  • (optional) Dinner and drinks

Minimal number of participants: from 10 persons


3 hours

LOCATION: Het Schielandshuis

Ingang Coolsingel


  • Water escape Rotterdam 10 to 20 persons p.p. € 47,50
  • Water escape Rotterdam 20 to 48 persons p.p. € 45,00
  • Water escape Rotterdam 48 -60 persons p.p. € 39,95 different program format
  • Water escape Rotterdam from 60 persons - adapted program / addition with rib boats

Including watertaxitickets and welcome drink


At the starting locations, like Food Court Rotterdam the consumption of catering is usual.

  • Celebration drink at Hotel New York
  • You will receive dinner suggestions and other catering from us with the proposal.
  • Ask for the possibilities

All prizes excl. btw


The whole year round, subject to availability.


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