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Ice Games The Hague

Brighten up your winter with an original group outing or corporate event at the picturesque ice rink located in front of the historical Kurhaus in Scheveningen! The Be Event Ice Games Scheveningen is a unique experience where teamwork and communication are the key ingredients for success. The ice games consist of a rotation program of the activities listed below. At this location we can supplement your event with a fun 'video themed' Après Ski Quiz or a creative ice sculpture workshop. A perfect combination with a Christmas drink or New Year's reception.


Bowling is an age-old sport. Bowling on ice takes this fun sport to a new level! The object of the game is the same, knock over as many pins as you can. Instead of a bowling ball, your team will launch a team member on a sled to knock over the pins (helmet included). With a good push from your team, they will try to knock over as many pins as they can. Which team will go for the strike?!


The aim of this game is to slide the curling stones as close to the center of the circle as possible. We have added a twist! Instead of curling stones, you will be curling a rubber innertube with one of your teammates aboard. Which team will get their human curling stone closest to the center (the house)? In this thrilling team-on-team competition, it is all about fun.


Try to complete the Rodel course as fast as possible. Using a traditional Dutch Rodel sled and ice picks to propel the sled forwards, it's a one-on-one race between the different teams. Keep your Rodel sled straight, pick up speed and watch out for those tricky corners! May the best team win!


The popular game but then on the ice! Using a special stick and several different colored pucks you take to the ice. The Ice shuffle board is placed and the competition can begin. The Ice Shuffleboard the tactics and techniques are the same. Only in this game, you will have to try to score as many points as possible by aiming the pucks through the slots of the Ice Shuffleboard.


With our custom-made curling stones, sweeper brooms, and special starting blocks you and your team are ready to take on the competition. The aim is to slide the curling stones as close to the center (house) of the circle as possible. In this thrilling team-on-team competition, it comes down to steady hands, a fast sweeping broom, and tactical placement of your curling stones. The essential ingredients are FUN and teamwork!

*(Optional event instead of one of the above events)

Tip: Make a combination of the above activities with our ice sculpting workshop or our interactive Aprês Ski Quiz.

Visit the Art of Ice exposition. A wonderfull place with beautifull creations of ice.

Party, drinks, and winter dinners

After your ice games event, why not stay in the moment with a nice dinner, drinks, or even an after-event party? With many locations to choose from in Scheveningen please feel free to enquire about the possibilities. Maybe a traditional Dutch 'Stammppotten' buffet on the boulevard or the Kurhausplein?


  • Welcome to the Kurhausplein or Boulevard in Scheveningen
  • Getting ready and moving to the ice
  • Ice games event briefing and explanation
  • Team assignments
  • Ice activities (1 hour on the ice)
  • Closing with a fun awards ceremony

Note: Depending on the number of participants, the Ice Games can be modified.

Minimal number of participants: from 10 persons


1,5 hours


  • Solo Vino Gusto, Plein Den Haag
  • La Galleria Kurhausplein Scheveningen
  • Steam, Boulevard, Scheveningen
  • Mezze, Scheveningen
  • Cool Event Schaatsbaan, Scheveningen


  • Ice Games Kurhausplein 12 to 50 persons € 27,50 p.p.
  • Ice Games Kurhausplein 50 to 100 persons € 24,50 p.p
  • Ice Games Kurhausplein from 100 persons or more on a quotation basis.
  • Ice rink admission/rental  €10,00 p.p.


  • Fun Curling extension € 4,00 p.p.
  • *Catering package welcome drinks; 2 drinks and appetizers mix € 10.00 p.p. minimum purchase.
  • *Catering dinners and other arrangements are on a quotation basis

**For more than 50 persons this one time additional fee is for exclusive use of the ice rink.


Mid-November to mid-January subject to ice rink availability.

On weekends, events on the ice are only possible only with start times between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.


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