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A Cocktail of Beach-games

The beach, beautiful, serene and probably one of the nicest places to spend your time. Even more enjoyable with a cocktail in hand.... Beaches all over the world are diverse, beautiful and unique, just like that refreshing tasty cocktail, full of surprises and hidden delights. In keeping with this theme we have mixed a cocktail of our best and most popular beach games to make an unforgettable beach sports day for your next company event.

This event is especially suited to larger groups of 100 persons or more. Teams are named after the relevant beaches and cocktails, and the fun beach games also have a clear thematic character.

You can choose 6 beach games from the cocktail menu

  • Bora Bora Beachvolley
  • Copa Cabana Beach soccer
  • Bondi Beach Rugby
  • Bali Kuta Beach Coconutgame
  • Cuba Libre Bamboestiek Building Challenge
  • Caipirinha Kickball
  • Bloody Mary Beach Golf
  • Mojito Knotshockey
  • Tequilla Sunrise Tjoekbal

Optional choices subject to a surcharge and weather conditions;

  • Honolulu Ocean Raftrace (Rafts, wetsuits, etc)
  • Margarita Beach Run (a fun obstacle race involving a giant air cushion)

Bora Bora – Beachvolley

A big favorite at any beach, a beach volleyball competition. The beach volley courts are already set up when you arrive, ready to play!

Copa Cabana- Beach soccer

Another beach classic and a lot of fun. A variation of the original football game played on the beach. No offsides, no tackles allowed, a game to suit everyone, and a chance to show off your ball skills. The beach football competition is played according to indoor football rules.

Bondi Beach- Rugby

A game of beach Rugby. There are no physical tackles but instead a tap is enough to win back the ball. This makes it less injury-prone. As an extra element, we will place rugby poles for the tries.

Honolulu Ocean Raft Race (3 or 4 rafts, more rafts are available depending on the number of participants)

Hawaii, known for its beautiful beaches, fantastic waves, and a wide variety of watersports. From surfing, kayaking, supping and rafting. We choose the latter. Have a blast and try not to get (very) wet. In a fun relay race, teams will first play a game of memory on the beach and then race to paddle their rafts around the buoy on the water. Teamwork is essential!

Bali Kuta Beach Coconut Game

A coconut shootout (with safe soft coconuts 😉 ). Using special catapults, teammates shoot coconuts into the player's field. Team players will try to catch the coconuts and deposit them into their respective baskets which are placed in another part of the field. Which team will catch the most coconuts? Each round, 4 teams compete against each other, using 1 catapult per team and a load of (soft) coconuts. The playing field is divided into 2 sections each section made up of both defenders and attackers. The coconuts are catapulted into the field and teammates will try to catch them. Defenders from the other team can also try to catch the coconuts. Once caught, the coconuts are thrown to the next section in the field. From this part of the field, players can try to throw the coconuts into their basket and score the much-needed points. Which team will catapult to victory!?

Tequila Sunrise Tjoekbal

Tjoekbal is a variation on the game of handball. The aim of Tjoekbal is to score by throwing the ball from outside the circle against a trampoline without the opponents catching or intercepting the ball. Players may take three steps after catching the ball and must then pass or try to score.

Caipirinha Kickball

Kickball is a fun and dynamic variation of softball. Instead of throwing the ball to a batter, the ball is rolled and then kicked away. The kicker is out if the ball is caught or when the kicker or his base is hit with the ball before the kicker reaches the base. When the kicker has covered all the bases and reached the home plate, a run is scored. Each team gets 3 outs per inning.

The Margarita Beach Run

The Margarita Beach Run is a race in which participants have to complete several stages. In the first stage, participants have to answer various trivia questions. Once the correct answers have been provided the second stage involves navigating an obstacle course (giant air cushion) whilst carrying balls. These balls have to be placed in a basket. The team that has scored the most points at the end of the race wins this blood-curdling race.

Mojito Clubhockey

This variation of hockey is great for playing on the beach. Thanks to the large ball and clubs, it is an accessible variant of the sport. As in normal hockey, teams try to score points by hitting the ball in the opponent's goal using the clubs. A high ball can be plucked out of the air with your hands, the ball can also be stopped by using your feet. However, when passing or shooting at goal, the ball can only be hit with the club. Easy...or is it?

Cuba Libre Bamboestiek Building Challenge

With a supply of bamboo sticks, you make your own construction. Maybe your own cocktail bar or a lifeguard tower?

Bloody Mary Beach Golf

We have prepared a number of sand holes ready for you to play a round of Bloody Mary Beach Golf. Using colored Dutch clog golf sticks you play the course and try to hit the famous Bloody Mary hole in one.


  • Ko Sai Mui Warm-Up; A nice group warm-up exercise to loosen up the muscles and get ready for the events.


The theme 'The Most Beautiful Beaches in the World'

  • 13.00 - Welcome speech and briefing on the day's events
  • 13.15 - Start of the group warm-up exercises with a professional instructor
  • Relocation to the beach events site
  • 13:30 – Start of the Beach day "Cocktail"
  • Optional: a quick break; drinks can be served at the event's location
  • 16:30 – End of the program, drinks, and prizegiving
  • 17.30 - Evening entertainment and dinner

Minimal number of participants: from 100 persons


3 hours

LOCATION: Beach Classics Locations

Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland, Zeeland


  • Most Beautiful Beaches in the World 100-250 persons € 45,00
  • Most Beautiful Beaches in the World from 250 persons € 35,00
  • Most Beautiful Beaches in the World + rafting € 60,00
  • Most Beautiful Beaches in the World + Margarita Beach Run - € on request
  • Most Beautiful Beaches in the World + rafting + Margarita Beach Run - € on request


  • Event permit, one-time fee € 50,00
  • * Professional Warming up, one time fee € 75,00
  • * Certified Lifeguard for safety during sea rafting event, one-time fee € 250,00


Please enquire


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