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Be Robinson Crusoe

Event description

The Robinson Crusoe games encompass a variety of team challenges. Participants will be tested on their creativity, decision-making, flexibility, and endurance. The teams are divided over different 'islands'. Each island team will face another team in a variety of challenges. Each challenge has a strong team-building aspect, team cooperation is an essential ingredient for success. All team members are required to be able to complete the assignments. The Robinson Crusoe games consist of 4 to 6 different challenges. The first challenge will be to make a team flag which will be judged on levels of creativity and esthetics. The teams will carry this flag with them for the rest of the game. This is followed by 4 team challenges where teams can earn points. With these points, teams can earn an advantage in the finals. Who will stand out and ultimately bring home the win for their team and is the ultimate Robinson of your organization?

The Challenges:

Let's begin with building up the team spirit and testing your creativity.

Team Flag

Express your team's mojo by designing and making a team flag. Be creative, there are points to be earned.

The Walking A-Frame

Using the supplied large bamboo beams each team will make a sturdy construction. A place to sleep in the tropics or a handy carrier to transport a person. Essential ingredients, the construction has to be sturdy and be designed and built by the whole team. We will make sure to put your final result to the test.

The Blindmans Test

Coconuts will be flying during this challenge! The ingredients for this game are arranged in 4 baskets, in a square, full of numbered coconuts. Which team will get the most points from the square? Oh yes, a small sidenote, participants will be blindfolded. Blind trust and clear communication from your teammates are crucial if you want to win.


With little food and sleep concentration levels tend to drop very fast. In this classic memory challenge, we will test your level of focus with our original wooden memory game. The aim of the challenge, collect as many pairs as possible. Which team plays the smartest and uses the right tactics to win as many pairs as possible? You'll be surprised how difficult it actually is.

Bamboo trees

A time-pressure challenge! The clock is ticking, which team will make the highest tower out of bamboo sticks and elastic bands within the time limit? A challenging team-building game where creativity, insight, focus, but above all, team cooperation and steady nerves are essential.

Island Council:

Ready for the final challenge, La grande finale? During this island council, teams are put to the test during an ultimate race. Points earned in previous challenges will determine the time advantage each team will have. Teams are eliminated from each event until they reach the last event. The puzzle. The team that solves the puzzle first wins the final challenge and the Robinson Crusoe games.

A super fun company or group outing where everyone can show their best side!

Tip! Expand your event to include the infamous food-tasting challenge, want to see what's on offer then choose;

Challenge # 5: Making fire

Challenge # 6: The food tasting

The Beach Venues

The locations we use for the Robinson Crusoe games include; Rotterdam-Hoek van Holland, The Hague-Scheveningen, Noordwijk-Nederzandt, and Zeeland-Wolphaertsdijk on the Veerse meer.


  • Welcome upon arrival and the opportunity for a drink (optional)
  • Start of the Be Robinson Team Experience
  • Award ceremony
  • End of activities, drinks
  • Start of barbecue or buffet (optional)
  • End of event

Minimal number of participants: from 25 persons


2 hours

LOCATION: Beach Classics Locations

Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland, Zeeland


  • Be Robinson Crusoe Experience 25 to 50 persons € 37,50 p.p.  
  • Be Robinson Crusoe Team Experience 50 to 120 persons € 35,00 p.p.  
  • Be Robinson Crusoe Experience 120-300 persons or more - on request
  • Be Robinson Crusoe Experience less than 25 persons - on request

A team-building activity with insight, tactics, speed and fun. Normally on an uninhabited island, but now available as a company outing in Hoek van Holland and Scheveningen. A real TEAMBUILDING HIT and one of our most booked events.


  • Food challenge € 5,00 p.p.
  • Fire challenge € 5,00 p.p.

All quoted prices are excluding VAT


From April to mid October


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