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Robinson Teambuilding

Event description

The Robinson experience encompasses a variety of challenges. Teams will be tested on their creativity, endurance, flexibility and of course muscle power. Each team is assigned an Island from which they will take on the other teams in a variety of challenges. There is a strong teambuilding aspect to each challenge so team cooperation is an essential ingredient for success. Positive votes can be earned by successfully completing each challenge and with enough votes your team could advance through to the final! Which team has got what it takes to be a real Robinson?

The Challenges:

Bandera and Flag Art

The first event is all about making the team flag and bandera. Each team is assigned a theme and a color. With the materials provided is up to your team to make the most spectacular flag and banderas. Points will be awarded for creativity, originality and the ‘wow’ factor.


The challenge is to make as many words as possible with the letter blocks scattered across the playing field. Words have to be earned through making puzzles and solving riddles. Each team also has a bucket of water which slowly leaks. If the bucket becomes empty its game over for your team. Water can be added to the bucket but then your team can not search for letters while the water is being replenished. With the right tactics and timing your team could end up on top. Which team will form the most words without their bucket running out of water?

The Bamboo Build:

A technical challenge, building bamboo structures, with time constraints. Within the allotted time, which team can build the highest tower using only rubber bands and bamboo sticks. This is challenging teambuilding event which requires creativity, insight and most importantly team cooperation and communication.

Island take-over:

A field of Islands (crates) with 2 beams stretching from corner to corner across the playing field. Each team must get across the beam to the other corner without touching the ground. If a team member does fall off, the whole team has to start again. Teams can block each other's way by utilizing the islands and cutting the other team off. This challenge requires a tactical approach and a keen eye!

The famous wooden beam challenge:

Almost everybody is familiar with the wooden beam challenge from the hit TV show Expedition Robinson. We will play a variation of this popular challenge. Team members will stand on the beam together and be assigned tasks. Arrange yourselves on the beam according to age or in order of shoe size. The team which accomplishes this in the fastest time, without falling, earns the points. Too easy? How about completing the tasks without talking? Still too easy, get ready to be blindfolded!

Robinson Final

The team members selected to play in the final will represent their team for the overall win. These Robinsons will have to give their all in a challenge which combines strength, speed, and intelligence in one explosive finale. Who will lead their team to the Robinson victory?


  • Welcome
  • Event briefing
  • Team selections
  • Flag art
  • Robinson Challenges
  • Robinson Final
  • Prize giving

Minimal number of participants: from 25 persons


2 hours

LOCATION: Beach Classics Locations

Scheveningen, Hoek van Holland, Zeeland


  • Robinson Teambuilding Games from 25 to 50 persons € 35,00 p.p.
  • Robinson Teambuilding Games from 50 to 120 persons €33,50 p.p.
  • Robinson Teambuilding Games from 120 on request


  • Eating test €5,00 p.p.
  • Fire test €5,00 p.p.

All prizes are excl. btw


From April to half October


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